About Penpot Fest

Penpot Fest is the Design event that brings designers and developers from around the world together.

Celebrated in Barcelona, this is the second edition of our festival — a gathering hub for designers and coders across the world to share, connect and collaborate. Penpot Fest is not just a festival; it's a movement dedicated to nurturing innovation and collaboration in the Open Source, Design, and Code arenas. The community is coming together to discuss the intersection between design and code and how open source and open standards are shaping the future already!

After a successful inaugural year, we are gearing up to make this year's edition bigger, better, and more impactful. Participants can look forward to a dynamic program filled with workshops, talks, and networking opportunities, all designed to inspire, educate, and connect.

For those who missed out last year or just want to relive the cool moments, we have all videos ready for you to check out in youtube or peertube.

Penpot Fest is organized by the Penpot's Community team and the support of our Product team!

Join us for a celebration of creativity and technology. Penpot Fest is where the future of design and development comes together.