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2. About Penpot Fest

Penpot Fest is a community event organized by Kaleidos, the company who makes Penpot.

The team invites anyone with a passion for design, open source and collaboration between designers and coders to join an inspiring and immersive experience in Barcelona.

From industry experts to rising stars, the speakers cover a wide range of topics, offering valuable perspectives on the latest trends and innovations, and giving valuable takeaways that you can apply to your own work.

In addition to the thought-provoking talks, Penpot Fest also features hands-on workshops where attendees can dive deeper into specific areas of interest. These interactive sessions will provide practical skills, tips, and techniques that participants can apply to their own projects.

Beyond avatars: Penpot Fest celebrates real-life connections

Barcelona, with its sunny weather and vibrant atmosphere, provides the perfect backdrop for summer festivities. Attendees have plenty of opportunities to network, engage in lively discussions, and forge new connections with like-minded professionals from the design and development communities.

And there is more. This is a unique opportunity to meet the entire Penpot team. Attendees have the chance to engage with the developers and designers behind Penpot… and vice versa! For the Penpot team, this is the place to meet in person those who take part of the community, and gain a deeper understanding of the tool’s development and future direction.

Based on everything explained above, Penpot Fest goes beyond being a mere conference—it is a full-fledged festival!

Iconic locations to merge design and cultural significance

Taking place at two iconic locations, Casa de Les Punxes and Convent dels Angels, Penpot Fest offers a unique opportunity to get immersed in the creative energy and cultural heritage of Barcelona.

Casa de Les Punxes, a shining example of Catalan modernism, it’s a true masterpiece that’ll transport you to a world of artistic brilliance. Meanwhile, Convent dels Angels showcases the harmonious fusion of design and spirituality. Its serene courtyards and magnificent religious artworks create an atmosphere of profound beauty and tranquility.

Learn more about Penpot at Penpot’s site.

3. Open-Source Community and Contribution

3.1 Designers and developers improving Penpot every day

One of the notable aspects of Penpot is the vibrant and active open-source community that surrounds it. It’s made up of passionate designers, developers, and enthusiasts who pour their energy into making Penpot better every day. This collaborative ecosystem plays a crucial role in the continuous development and improvement of Penpot as a powerful design and prototyping tool.

They contribute their skills, ideas, and expertise to enhance the features and functionalities of Penpot, ensuring it remains dynamic, adaptable, and responsive to the evolving demands of the design industry.

Through the community space, the open-source community around Penpot creates an inclusive and supportive environment where individuals can learn, share, and grow together. It is this active community engagement that truly sets Penpot apart, making it more than just a software tool but a collaborative movement driven by a shared passion for open-source design and the power of collective creativity.

3.2. Community-driven contributions

Penpot offers opportunities for designers, developers, testers, and content creators to contribute their expertise, creativity, and passion.

Whether it’s submitting code improvements, suggesting new features, providing valuable feedback, participating in discussions, or sharing their own designs and templates, their contributions are crucial in propelling Penpot forward.

Another fantastic way to contribute to Penpot is by spreading the word and sharing the exciting features and capabilities of the tool. By creating informative and engaging content, such as tutorials, reviews, or demos, content creators can help raise awareness about Penpot and inspire others to explore its possibilities.

❤️ Just a few examples of community contributions:

  • Code contribution: @ondrejkonec contributed to the code with Refactor CSS variables Github #2948
  • Design contribution. Zjuranko created the template: CoreUI DesignSystem (DEMO)
  • Content contribution. TJ Free published a whole series of Penpot tutorials in Youtube.
  • Over 30 languages that Penpot’s software is translated into.

4. In a nutshell: Penpot Fest, Penpot and Kaleidos

4.1 About Penpot Fest

Penpot Fest is a community event organized by Kaleidos, featuring talks, workshops, and networking opportunities for design and development professionals. Held in Barcelona, it celebrates open source, collaboration, and real-life connections. Penpot Fest 2023 invites all attendees to experience the fusion of design and cultural heritage at iconic locations, Casa de Les Punxes and Convent dels Àngels.

4.2 About Penpot

Penpot is the first Open Source design and prototyping platform for product teams. It was created to accomplish the mission of elevating collaboration between designers and developers through an open source and open standards platform. Earlier this year, Penpot launched out of beta with a suite of new features enthusiastically welcomed by the design and dev world, like the Flex Layout: the first responsive layout system based on dynamic CSS.

4.3 About Kaleidos

Kaleidos is an open-source startup founded in 2011 by a group of developers who worked together in the technology consultancy world. The COVID pandemic saw them becoming a 100% open-source product company. They have a non-negotiable mission to generate positive impact in society through open source software and innovation. Their sole focus is the development and optimization of their two open-source products meant for digital cross-functional teams: Penpot, the first open-source design and prototyping platform and Taiga, the project management tool for agile teams.

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